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I. Concept
  Nonwoven fabrics are fabrics that are made up not through the process of knitting or knitting. It is formed from thermal, chemical, mechanical or solvent reactions. Polypropylene particles through the reactions will be melted and form individual fibers.
  Nonwoven fabrics are fabrics with a lightweight, porous sheet structure made from separate fibers and are usually used only once.

II. Nonwoven fabric production process
1. Create a film
The fibers will be gathered and then taken to create a membrane. Depending on the type of fiber, it will have different ways of creating membranes such as: Creating membranes by wet, gaseous method. Use a rough brush to create a film. Create membranes by MB, SB methods....

2. Lining fibrous films
The fibrous films will be folded together horizontally or vertically

3. Thermal rolling
Use a thermal rolling machine to create clear, porous, lightweight fabric arrays.

4. Finishing
Put non-woven fabric into the mold and then dye the fabric: The fabric is very colorful, so the dyeing process is extremely easy, catches colors extremely well and creates the product line with the most perfect vibrancy.

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